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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify my email?
Does the Legends of the Spiral Staff play Wizard101?
Yes, all of the members of the Legends of the Spiral Staff play Wizard101.
What does the Legends of the Spiral Staff do?
All of the Legends of the Spiral staff members work together to make this site a safe and fun environment for all Wizard101 players in the Spiral. This site was created for the purpose of making your Wizard101 game play more fun and being interactive with the Wizard101 Community. Here are the ranks of the staff and their jobs: Moderator- A Moderator helps moderate the site to make sure everything is following the Site Rules. We would like this site to remain a kid-friendly safe environment for all of our members. Super Moderator- A Super Moderator is a moderator but with a bit more privileges such as posting on the home page. Site Manager- The Site Manager manages everything that goes on with the site, especially contests. The Site Manager also manages the Social Media networks for Legends of the Spiral. Site Admin- The Site Admin is the creator of this website. He is the one that actually makes everything happen and creates all of the features you see. He can control everything on the site.
How do I input my Feedback and Suggestions?
The easiest way is to take the Legends of the Spiral Feedback Survey.
Where do I go if this Site is having technical difficulties?
If the site is ever having technical difficulties, make sure to check on our Facebook and Twitter social media pages.
How do I become a member of the Legends of the Spiral Staff?
We will usually announce when we are having applications for users to become moderators.
How often does Legends of the Spiral have a contest?
We usually always have at least one contest running. You can see all of the contests on the Contests Page.
Where does Legends of the Spiral get their Codes?
We get our codes from KI Free Games and Kingsisle.
What do I do if I can't sign up or log in?
Use the Contact form on the Contact Page. Make sure to include a valid email because we will be contacting you through your email.
Where would I be contacted if I won a contest?
We would contact you through the Private Message system on this site. On most contests, you must reply to our "Congratulations" message within one week to claim your code because it is unfair that we send you a code and you don't use it when there are others who can use it.
Why wont it let me enter the sweepstakes since it says I have entered 0 times?
To keep people from signing up for multiple accounts, the sweepstakes only allow one entry from each location per day. If a sibling or friend uses their account to enter from your location then you will be unable to enter that day.
How do I delete my account?
You can de-activate your account on this site by clicking on the Profile option in the menu to the left. Scroll to the very bottom of the profile page. You will need to put in your password and click "Delete Account".
How do I get Spiral Tokens?
You get get spiral tokens mainly by playing games on the site and participating in contests. There is a listing on the Contests page that will be updated every time a new way to get tokens is added. To view this listing [Click Here]
What does the [dishonored] badge mean?
This is the badge that is assigned when someone has broken enough rules to get banned from the site. After the ban has been lifted, this badge can be removed using the Manage Your Badges Page.
Do you have any tools for other sites to use?
Yes, I have a Pick-a-Thing Game that can be used on other sites (Click the button at the bottom of the page). Also we have a Giveaway Tool for sites that have a large number of Wizard101 or Pirate101 codes they want to give out to a lot of people easily.

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