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Fan Fiction
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A Angel of Wizard Who

a angels touch

A Angry War Of Powers. ( Will Morganthe and the student she has Win the War? Or will Adrian and his team stop them? Read this story to find out!)

A Backstory Of A Wizard Samurai

A Balance(d) Life

A big step for a small wizard

A Birthday

A birthday Gone wrong

A bounty hunting legend: a new beginning

A bounty hunting legend: blaze the all seeing

A Break in the Dimensions- a Life Student's Story

A Clash of Wands

A Clash of Wands: Parliaments' Strife

A Corrupted Wizard

A CraftingQuest

A Crusaders Chronicle

A Crusaders Son

a curse

A Day in the Skies of the Spiral

A diary of a girl wizard

A Evil Deep inside.....

A girl named hannah the new one

A girl on fire

A girl's life turned upside down Book 1

A guardian's destiny

A Halloween Dare

A Halloween Mystery in Wizard City

A History of Wizard101 (copied)

A is for apples

A joke book

A Life Of A Girl Named Dawn

A Life Spell

A Life That Has Been Changed - Book 1

A Life That Was Changed(Unfinished)

A Mighty Sprite

A Mystical Happening

a new begining

A New Ending to Malistaire's Story

A New Evil Awakes

A New Evil in the Spiral?

A New Generation

A New Journey

A New Life With Wizards in it

A New Life: Book One

A New School

A New Spell

A New Story

A Normal life

A pleasant day

A prophecy feared through out the spiral

A pvp Life

A Pyromancer's Tale

A Quest For Destiny #1

A quest for giants

A Quest Of The Spiral -- Part 1

a quest to become stronger

A Quest To Fight The Devil

A Ravenwood Guide

A Saiyan Girl

A Slim Chance

A Story About A Spooky School

A story about Hunter IronWeaver

A Story of Dimensions: Tron

A Tale of 3 Kingdoms

A Tale of The Second Best Necromancer

A Thanksgiving Catastrophe

A tomorrow's yesterday

A Troublesome Trip

A Universal Diary

A War Between Worlds

a way back

A Whisper in the Breeze

A Whole New World

A Wizard Diary

A Wizard Journal

a wizard's best friend

A World Without Blindsiders

A Zafarian Love

aa tale of morgantine love

AAA The Seven Seraphs

Aaron Hexpyre

Aaryal Academy

academy of the wizards

Acid Rain

Adam Battle Rider

Advents of a Wizard

Adventure Crusaders: Malistaire's Daughter

Adventures of a young Life wizard

Adventures of Amber Awesomeness the giant witch

Adventures of Austin and Sally Exploring Worlds Adventure 1 Series 1 Adventure to Wizard City

Aether and Death


Age of Extinction: The Spiral

Alexis' Summer Love

All is not what it seems

All Things New

almighty archangel

Alpha: The Conjurer

Alpheamus Deathbreeze: Origins [SPOILERS]

Alura Battleheart: Survival For Fire

Ambrose's son... (UN FINISHED)

Amy Stardust

An Angel's Curse

An autobiography of Merle Ambrose

An Enternal Love <3 (Alura + Richard Forever)

An Ice Wizards Journey

An Ultimate Spell Quest

An Unexpected Journey

angel meeting

Another Chance

Another day

Another Love Story<3

Another Warrior

Apprentice of the Shadow Fox


Are you sure?

Aroe ShadowSoul

Augur, The

Austin Deathblood and the secrets of the spiral - the lost statue

Avatar of Balance


Awesome Admins



B Est balance deck

Banned Characters (Wizard101 creepypasta)

Banned Characters 2: Guardian Angel (A Wizard101 Creepypasta)

Battle Among The Sight Of Gods

Battle For Mercy

Begining of Spiral

Beginning Again

Being chosen

Believe Me


Between Two Souls.

Birth of the Ice Dragon


black magic

Blake Darkbright

Book of Magic: Unabridged

Bright Star


By the power of death itself


Caleb Wind stone book 1

Calico CloverLeaf

Calico's Corruption; 2

Calico's Fire; 3 (unfinished)

Calico's Origins (unfinished)

Calico's Stones; 1

Call Me Courtney

Chaos Incarnate Chronicles Part 1 The epic creation of Chaos Lord

Chelsea's new destiny: Wizard City, Series 1, Part 1: The troubles of Unicorn way

Christina skullgem

Christmas in the Streets


Chronicles of Cellidot: I

Coming Undone

Corupt Kevin


Crafting A Golden Oppurtunity

Creepy Wizard101 Mysterys To Read At Night (1 or more new stories added per week.)

Curses handbook

Curses If You use Treasures

Cyrus's Friend


Da Cray-Cray Wizard Book

Dairy of a Wizard

Daniel MythRider's Birthday Adventure

Daniel Rainbowsword's Life(Being edited please be patient!)

Daniel's birthday Surprise!

Dark Chronicles

Dark Fantasy Diaries:The Journal of Truth

Dark prophecies part 1: dark realm

dark tidings

Darkest Secrets


Daughter of Zues

Dawn of a New Age

dead kid

Death by Heart.


Destined to Die Volume 1

Destined to Die Volume 2

Destined to Die Volume 3

Devin's adventures

Devin's Tale


Diary of a Wimpy Wizard

Diary of a Wizard: Lost in the World

Diary: My Life In Krokotopia

Different short stories

Dinosaurs Reborn Part 1

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

Dragon Born



dule of destiney book 1


Easier pet training

Eiko's Journal



Entering a Virtual World: Wiz101

Eric's Pets

Escaping From Monquista

Essence of Time Past

Evil rains down


Eye of the Diamond

Eyes beneath

Ezra's School for Combat Challenged Teens


Fallon Darkbloom: Why I follow Malistaire

Far beyond

First Day Back

First Days of the new Spiral

Fixing The Spiral

Flames of Wrath

Flint The First Battlemask: A legend is born

Flying Solo

Forest of Lies





Garrett Fairybloom of Wizard City

Getsuga Tenshou??!?!?!

Girl Fight


Gods of Creation: Magic

Guardian Of The Lady Seraph


Hachiko's Story

Hannah Moves On....

Happy Birthday Cat!

happy day

happy halloween! [not yet.]

Harry Potter and Wizarding City Problems

Harry Potter comes to Wizardcity

heart broken book 1

Hitting Hard

Horror at the mansion

How Bacon Was Invented

How Chester Blackhouse ( South Korea ) Became a fallen angel

How Our Worlds Collided

How The Doctor and I saved the Spiral

How the Worlds of the Spiral were Claimed and Appeared,

How To Guide: How to Save the Spiral

Hypno Trubol


I Am A Dreamer

I Know You

Ice Chronicles

Ice Forged

Ice To Storm

Ice to the Touch

Imagimaerum - SLOWR

In the Future - Season One

in the name of the queen



jab tak hai jaan

Jason seablood: saving the spiral

Journey in Leafclan, The Secret of Foxblaze

Journey of a Krokotopian Girl

Journey Of Six Wizards

Journey through the spiral

Judgement and Seraph


Kaijudo Art School

Kane the Conqueror

Keller Wild Walker

Kraysor the Legendary Fire Dragon

Krokotopian Wizard


lady oreo and fishyyyyyy

Last Breath

Last Great Time War

Learning the Ways of Magic

Legend and Fred

Legend of the Halfbloods: a Heroes of Olympus and Wizard101 crossover

Legend of the Seven

Legends of the Spiral

Life in Ice

Life of a pvp-er

Life of a teenage wizard

life on lotus



Lighting Wolves Book 1 How it happened

Little Warrior of Grizzleheim

Lock It Down

Logs of a Nut

Lord of light

Lords of the Spiral

Lost in a New World

Lost in the Archives

Lost in Time

Love, Death, and the Spiral

Loving A Dark Princess

Luke Skywalker, Hero of the Spiral: Volume I

Lydia's Tale



Magic Casting

Magic FromBeyond Book 1

Magic FromBeyond Book 2

magic games

Magic- the series

Magical love

malistair's death student's revenge


Malistare's Minion

Manny Centurions

Marcus and the Fire Dragon

Me And My Best Friend, Nathan. Meeting Nathan

Me? A Wizard?

Merle Ambose's Secret

Merle Ambrose story bio

minecraft quiz

Mira's Crazy Adventures Book 1: Mira's Brand New Life

Mirage and Malistare

Miranda Malistare and Sylvia

Mirror Lake

Miss Perfect

Morganthe's Apprentice

Morganthe's Daughter

Morganthe's Point of View

Mossback Prophecies


My Diary

My Father is a Criminal

My Guardian Angel

My journey

My Life for a Cake

My Life in Paris?!?


My Lifetime Story.

My little diary

My vampire life.

Mystery at Ravenwood

Mystery of The Castle



New Wizards of the Spiral

Nightmare Horse



Numbered Infinite


Of Death

Old cob's revenge

one Day

Our Divine Purpose


Pablo The Cookie Man

Paige lifefountain's biography


Pet Prancers


Pigs of the way of chickens

Point of Generation

Prohibited Art

Pure Fire Power

Puritaniack Journey into Chambers


PVP Stories

pyromancer soon to be a legend!


Random Adventures of Coyle Mythshade

Ratbeards Spell

Ravenwood volume 1

Rebecca Frost's life

Red Journal


Richer and Richer

Riddle Book (easy)

Riddles that will save SPIRAL

Riddly Riddles!

Riding The Storms:Make a 'wish'.

Right From the Shadows



Rise from the Ashes

Rise of the Dark Pact (By: BlueFlame)

rotten world


saqlains wizard

Saving the Spiral

Scarlet Sky

Scarlet`s Book of Lost Stories

Schools Guide- Choosing your Class

Schools Text Book

SeaGems: Met my annoyer!

Secrets of Myrin

Secrets of Ra : Ra's Little Light : Book 1

Secrets of Wizard City

Selflessly Deadly

Servanedin . . . The Guardian

Seth, the Death Student


shelby sunclouds great adventure

Short Stories and Poetry

Short Story & Poem Collection

Sky Diaries

Snow White REBORN!

Song of the Dragons


Source Code of Wizardry

Spark of enegery

Spartan death

Spellbook of All Eternity


Spellbound and Stunned (A Wizard101 Fanfiction)

Spellcaster's Academy - Book 1

Spiral Adventures: Wizard City

Spiral Amulet of Destiny

Spiral At War

Spirit of the Firecat

Start of My Journey

Steven and Mirage

Stormi the storm wizard

Strange Magic

Suffer's errand

Summer and Winter

Super Nova



Tale of a Pirate

Tales from the Desk of a Pyromancer

Tales of a Soul Servant

Tales of the Spiral: Mindy PixieCloud

Tara Dreamweaver

Tawpawnclan: The Story of Childhood Friends

That's okay

The 3 serpents an Aztecan Tale

The 5 Riddles

the adventure of jeremy griffin book 1

The Adventures of Amanda

The Adventures of Cody Winterbane: Wizard City

the adventures of courtney pixie blossom

The Adventures of Crystal the Thaumaturge: Book I

The Adventures of Daniel Firehorn

The adventures of Johnny awesomeness the tiny wizard

The Adventures of Josh the Theurgist

The Adventures of KyleDaySield and his Jade Oni

the adventures of the spriteblade sisters

The adventures of the young Robinson

The Amulet

The ancient book of awsomeness

The Ancient world of Wolfveiria(Uncompleted)

The Art Of Fire

The Astral Adventures-Astral Nappers Book 1

The Average Ice Student

The Band of Ultimiters Book 1

The Beginning

the best kingdom

The Boy Who Became Merle Ambrose

the boy who did not now he was a wizard

the bright magic light

The Carnations Have Bloomed (By: BlueFlame)

The Case of the Chills

The child of the evil death masters

The Chosen One {Book 1}

The Chosen Ones: Rise of the Titans

The Cold Whisper of Trust

The Corruption

The Cove

The Crazy Eight

The Creation

The Crescent Angels

The Curse

the curse of the spiral

The dangerous mission

The dangerous mission 2: Headmaster Attack

The Dark Allies

The Dark Prognosticus

The day Malistare ate chocolate

The Death and Life Love

The death boy

The Death Girl

The Death Girls Clan

The Death Threat

The Devil Fruit

The diary of a gobbler

The Doctor Explores

The Dragon Princess

The Dragon Prophecy

The Dragons of Myth - The Leviathan

The Dream

The Eighth School Book 1

The End of everything/Armageddon

The End Of Ravenwood

The end of Winter the begining of Summer

The End? (In Progress)

The entrance to WizardCity

The Epic Shock

The Evil Within

The Eye of The Future

The Fall of Lord Jonathan the First

The Feared Objects

the fight of his life time

the files of the legends

The fire class

The Fire King

The Fire Quest.

The Flames

The Force of Darkness

The Forest of Ancients

the forever flame

The Formation of the Knights of the Red Flame

The Forsaken - Rein of Parker

The Forsaken Missus

The Freezer

The Frozen Dragon

The Game of Wands

The game that makes every thing impossible

The GoldenShield Gaunlet: Book One- Wizard City

The Guardians of Magic

The Haunted House

The Hawk Chronicles: Across the Black Sea

The Hero of all Things

The History of Legends of the Spiral

The Ice Guardian

The Immortials

The Invasion of Wysteria

The Items of Light!

The Journey

The Journey of Hunter Darkbreeze Book 1: A New Student

The journey through the midnight

The Keyblade Wizard

the knights tale in the wizard world

The lady and the four dragons

The Lady Of The Sea

The Lainey Star

The Land Beyond Wizards- 2

The Land of the Titans

The last Balance Wizard

The Last Battle In Azteca

The Last Moment

The Last Von Shane

The last wizard

The Legacy Of Carpe Diem

The Legend

The Legend of Celestia: Book 1

The Legend of Fire

The legend of Jack Owlgem. Book one: Wizard city

The Legend Of King Johnthunderthorn

the legend of kora

The legend of life

The Legend of Sarah Luna

The legend of Seth

The Legend Of the Ghost Princess (unfinished)

The Legend of the Katana

The Legend of the Ravenwood Tree

The Legend Seeker

The Legendary Pyromancer Vs The Legendary Conjurer

The Lengend of Wizard101

The life of 2 best friends

The life of a secret Wizard

The Life of Brooke Blueblossom

The Life of Christina Pixie Blossom

The Life of Devin Lifeflower

The life of James Gryphonbane

the life of robert ruby fordge

The life of Wizards

The Light Side of Death

The Lightning Thief

The Lionheart Prophecies Book 1: The Secret of Lord Balencia

The Lionheart Prophecies Book 2: Zamora's Cave

The Lone Wizard

The Lord of Legends and Myths

The Lost Book

the lost princess of the ice school

The Lost Wizards

The Lost World

The Magical Journey

The Mark Of Death

the monster behind the shadows

The Moon Lady

The Mysterious Hero

The Mystery Of the Missing Wand

The new one in town

The Nightmare on the Spiral

The Olympian Family

The Only Hope

The Orphan With an opportunity...

The Pet Project

The Pirated Wizard

The Power of Pigswick

The Power of The Wizard

The Prince Of Spells

The Prophecy of Seven- 1

The Purpose Of Life As A Wizzard

The Raven's Flight (A Short Story)

The Red Trident

The Return of Nightshade

The Return of The life of 2 best friends

The Revenge of Malistaire

The Road Unspoken

The savior

The School Of Myth

The Scrolls of Wisdom

the secret of the seven swordsmen

The Secret Power

The Secrets of Grethoria

The Secrets of Wizard101

The Seven Warriors

The shadow of the Statue

The Shadow Web

The shadows

The short sad story of a bored wizzy

The Shrinking Virus

The SilverForge Story

The sister series

The Son of Many Dragons

The Sophisticated Tyranny - The Beginning

The Spell Book

The Spinning Spiral

The Spinning Spiral Part 2: A New Threat!

The Spiral Chronicles - The Savior of Wizard City

The Spiral Starts

The Spiral Towers

The Spiral's Doom

The Spiral's Downfall

The Spiral's Hero

The story

The story of Chris the pyromancer

The story of Chris the pyromancer 2

The Story of the Realms

The Strange Sight

The struggles of a wizards life (a story of two best friends)

The Sun Wizard

The tale of 5 wizards

The Tale of an Extrodinary Boy

The Tales of Morgrim Deathbringer: Saving Wizard City

The Teacher Of Death

The Terrific Three

The Terror Twins Vol. 1

The Thaughtmaturge

The Three

The Three Pearls Part 1

The Throne of Magic

The Tournament I'll Never Forget

The two friends

The Ugly Barnacle

The undead no head centaur!

The Unexpected Adventure

the untold story of moolinda wu

The War of Two Worlds

The Way Of PVP.

The Way of the Wizard

The Wizard

The Wizard (GOLD EDITION) The wizard chronicals

The Wizard Who Tried

The Wizard's Story: My Version!

The Wizards Journey

The wizards------Mysterious villain

The worst curse

The Young Wizard's New Powers

There Once Was A New Player

There! Where is none Light at all...

This Isn't Just About You

Time Of Wizards

To Be A Wizard

To The Sky

Tom Bullstrong-The Wraith of Malistare

Torn Apart



Tristan's Cinder

Troll Face Trouble

Trouble at a new school

Turned dark


Ultimate crossover: Alpha 001

um hi


Unicorn Chronicles

Unicorns, Pirates, and a bunch of weird people.

Unknown Worlds- Book 1: Nocturnea

Unknown Worlds- Book 2: Pyromanzia



Victoria Wild jounry


Warp of Dreams

Wasting Moonlight

Welcome to Ravenwood

Welcome to the Spiral: Bonus Book 1: Aquila

Welcome to the Spiral: Bonus Book 2: Welcome To Wysteria

Welcome to the Spiral: Bonus Book 3: Grizzleheim

Welcome to the Spiral: Book 1: Arrivial In Wizard City

Werewolves An Vampires of Wizard city ( journal funny )

What Bosses Do In Their Spare Time

what i think of "noobs"

what if good turns out bad?

what wizard?

When Christo Met Haley

Wiz Diaries

Wizard 101: A Balance Wizard's story

Wizard of nothing

wizard of the night

Wizard weekly

Wizard Wonderland Book One: The New Student

Wizard's surprise party

Wizard's Wars

Wizard101 - Stuck in Marleybone

Wizard101 bosses and dungeons

Wizard101 Dipper And Mabel

Wizard101 Dipper And Mabel 2

Wizard101 Dipper and Mabel 3

Wizard101 GAMES!

Wizard101 handbook

Wizard101 Meets Camp Half-Blood

Wizard101 My Dreams

Wizard101 Poems

Wizard101 Popular

wizard101 save the spiral

Wizard101 The Adventure Begins

Wizard101 The Future

wizard101 to lv 3

Wizardly Tales

Wizardly Ways

Wizards Divided



wizzy place

Wolf Legend

Wysteria and its Forgotten Story


You Promised!


Zero Exp

Zethrus the Legendary Thunder Dragon


! Wizards vs. Vampires !

!!!World War III Pie Vs Banana Story "Still updating as we continue into the second battle"!!!


"Leagues of Magic"


# 1 Savior Of The Spiral

#Cori Johnson


*The Blaze Chronicles: The Lost Tales of The Spiral*


1 A New Wizard, Legendary

1 book of poetry

1 Diary of a wimpy wizard - Hotel of Horror

1 Rose To Whisper To Book 1

1 short history of the Umbra Blade (my version)

1 wizard left

1.Malistairs Plans

1700 Years


2 a life of a secret wizard

2 Sisters, 1 Spiral


3-1 Hopes For 3 Things Book 1


7 Means Madness.-Book 1

The Beginning:
A boy with an inconsequential life becomes entangled in a web of intrigue, enlightenment, and adventure as he discovers his unique gifts and struggles to find his place in the universe.
*Chapter 8 Added Feb 22, 2013*
Rating: 526 
Guardian Of The Lady Seraph:
This is the story of a Young Theurgist who defeated the dreadful Lord Rattlebones of Unicorn Way. Sworn to help those in need, he became one of Priestess Oriel most dedicated Life Guardians...(Final Project. Enjoy) Rating: 258 
Mossback Prophecies:
Can the young wizards Kane Dragonblood and Ashley Stormwielder successfully stop a student gone wrong from a horrific plan? Join Kane and Ashley as they travel through worlds both familiar and new across the Spiral in their quest to stop a former student who has gained the magical power to destroy entire worlds! Rating: 226 
Another Cinderella Story:
The story about a young girl's life. Her life changes as she enters a new school filled with magics and weird teachers. No intention of making the chapters any longer. Keeping it short :) Rating: 194 
The Dragons of Myth - The Leviathan:
Meet two boys who travel into seven different worlds to keep the seven Dragons of Myth in their deep slumber.

*Chapter 8 Added January 25, 2015*
Rating: 190 
Test123 Rating: 176 
Legends of the Spiral:
The story of new witches and wizards coming together to the new school known as Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. These are their stories of triumph and courage that have never been seen before. Rating: 174 
Unicorn Chronicles:
Rachel, a young life wizard must befriend a cursed unicorn and save Wizard City, all while trying to keep a good grade. Rating: 155 
Legend of the Halfbloods: a Heroes of Olympus and Wizard101 crossover:
Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Nico, Jason, Piper, and Leo travel to Ravenwood to seek out seven newly discovered halfbloods. They are granted magic, but have no idea how to use it, and they need to keep their identities a secret. Will they be able to adjust to the new scenario? Rating: 150 
Dark Chronicles:
Kane Dragonblood and his new friends continue the quest of finding and stopping Alura Deathwraith from gaining the power to destroy entire worlds. In this continuation of the Mossback Prophecies, Kane and friends go on the hunt, but a new enemy rises - Valdus Legend, keeper of the Dark Chronicles. Rating: 140 

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