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Site Rules

If you see another member breaking any of the rules below please report it to one of the moderators listed on the Contact Us Page.
Inappropriate Content
This site is a family-friendly site, everything you post here on the site must be appropriate for all age groups. All content submitted to this site is subject to being moderated, deleted, or edited at the discretion of the site staff.

Spiral Tokens
Spiral tokens are provided on this site to be used as currency in transactions between members or to purchase items from the token store. Any attempts to obtain tokens other than the legitimate ways given on the site will be met with penalties which may include a spiral token fine and/or a ban from the site. You may not set up deals where other members transfer most or all of their tokens to your account on a regular basis. DO NOT attempt to create multiple accounts to combine spiral tokens (see Multiple Accounts below).

Picture Albums
Picture albums are provided for you to upload pictures to be used in party descriptions and guides. You may also upload game related images to share with other members. All albums are public so all images/album names must be G rated, there is a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate use of the picture albums., your account will be banned forever.

On this site you are able to create guides to help give knowledge to your fellow members. When your guide is first created it will be un-published. Once you have it completely ready you are free to publish it to the guides page. However Rules about Plagiarism still apply. If any guide is found on another website that is very similar to yours and we can see that the other guide was created first, yours will be removed and you account could be sanctioned.

Report Button
The report button is only to be used if there is a post that breaks one of the Site Rules. If you report a post when there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, that is considered false reporting. If this happens the moderators will kindly remind you about the correct use of the report button. If you continue to report posts without broken rules it will be considered malicious false reporting. Any malicious false reporting will result in sanctions on your account.

All codes received as prizes on this site can be redeemed at

Asking for Gifts and Codes
Please do not use Post's, PM's, or any other method on this site to ask for gifts, codes, spiral tokens, etc. from other members or the Site Staff. You may offer these things to other members if you choose, but asking for gifts is prohibited. Members engaging in this activity may or may not get a warning before their accounts are sanctioned/banned.

Inappropriate Language
Inappropriate language is not tolerated on Legends of the Spiral. Cursing, cussing, or any type of offensive language is not tolerated to any degree. This includes substitute words and abbreviations.

Personal Information
Please do NOT share any personal information such as age, birthday, pictures of yourself/family, real name, address, phone number, username, password, etc.

Advertising & Outside links
Outside links are permitted as a reference during general discussion only. Only Wizard101 related sites are allowed. "Advertising" of an outside website is not allowed without express permission from the site admin. Any valid links referencing are allowed. No code sites or reward type sites are allowed to be discussed as most of them are scams. If the Legends of the Spiral Staff feels like you have abused the use of links and/or are using them as advertisements, your posts will be removed and you may face sanctions on your account.

Trolling and Personal Attacks
Trolling and Personal attacks are not allowed. This community is family-friendly and we will not tolerate members making other members feel discouraged in anyway and we will not allow trolling the site.

Spamming on this site is not allowed. Spamming consists of double posts, using all capital letters, and posting the same post, word, letter, etc. repeatedly (double posts can happen when refreshing the page, so keep an eye out that your not posting over and over). Also don't spam other members though private messages. This includes chain messages and asking members to gift or send you something.

Posting Wars
Posting Wars are fine, but ONLY if you have something relevant to say about the topic being discussed. For example a post that just says "First!" is just annoying and will be deleted as it does not add to the discussion of the given topic, however if you say, "First! Yes I think the price of beans in china is way too high. blah blah blah" then your fine.

Multiple Accounts
If you forget your password, please use the password reset on the login form or click HERE. If you continue to have trouble use the Contact Us form to send me a message and I will work with you to reset your password (this will be sent to the email address you used during signup). DO NOT create multiple accounts, any attempt to enter contests or gain extra spiral tokens with multiple accounts will result in disqualification, token fines and/or a ban from the site.

There is to be NO plagiarism in the fiction section, or anywhere in this site. It is against the law. So if this is caught, you will be banned forever.

If you have any questions, please contact me or another member of the staff.

*The staff at Legends of the Spiral has final say on what is appropriate and what is not. Just because you receive a warning for a rule not specifically mentioned, does not mean you didn't do anything wrong. The staff has the right to remove or edit anything they see as inappropriate.

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