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Alliance of Supreme Mythology
Clan Talk/Pages
to the Clan Page of the
The Finest and Grandest Alliance of Mythology
Who are we?
We are a united, selective and small Alliance of the most talented and most capable Conjurers present throughout the Spiral! We dedicate ourselves to the constant improvement of Myth, or Mythology, and assist in the fighting and rebellion against Malistaire and Morganthe.
Why should I join?
If you are an aspiring Conjurer, full of talent, wisdom and intellect, this is a wonderful opportunity for you! We have no level requirements - wizards of the 1st level to the 100th are welcome to join.
How do I get promoted?
You can get promoted from Member up to Senior Councillor simply by experience and time in the group. However, if you wish to progress further than that (and coincidentally, enjoy more privileges), you will have to follow the process below:
You get promoted by the following critera. They are listed in the order in which the Supreme Council decides on. Please note that you will have to fufill at least 2 out of 3 of the criteria to be promoted.
  1. Constant Commitment (ie AT LEAST 3 times per week)
  2. Rapid Level Advancement (For levels 1 to 20: 2 levels per week. For levels 21 to 50: 1 level per week. For levels above: 1 level advancement since joining)
  3. Exemplary Contribution (ie contributing to the strength, unity or reputation of this alliance)
How do I join?
You can join by clicking the "Join" button just above this piece of text.
~ Created by Kenneth Deathblade, Aspiring Conjurer
[clan description][V1.00]

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