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Abc Soccer Clan!
Clan Talk/Pages
Welcome to the Clan Page for A B C Soccer Clan
Hello everyone who joins!
Once you join we have 4 simple rules for you which include,
1st Add me. 
2nd Look at the positions.
3rd Choose your position ( only game players no coach, assistant coach and etc.)
4th Pm me which position you want to be.
Other rules.
No bad or Rude Behavior
No bad comments 
No complains!
Clan Highlights                                           
Spiral Tokens
Image result for spiral tokens
The spiral token above shows that this clan may have the possibilities of token give out! But not only for free its if you earn it!
Earning some Spiral Tokens means that you show some good behavior and has been attending the clan for a long time!
You can even earn Spiral Tokens by winning the games that I give.
The tokens you may earn is at low rate its from 
earning 30 - 100 tokens unless you make a donation!
Games and Requirments
To show that you are in this clan and joined sucessfully! 
We have Meetings, Games, Parties,Pvp,Tournaments and even Contests!
Games The games that I have some are fun and some are boring, but you may earn a possible chance of Spiral Tokens!
But dont be greedy the clan shall never be a greedy clan we must share,show that we can win.
Not every game gives Spiral Tokens!
Some by fact give rank ups and some give nothing!
Some gives Codes and Even some of my items that I sell at the market for free!
Also remember the games will be at my house and other places like the Commons Triton Avenue Kroktopia and more!
If you dont have membership just pm me or say you wont be able to come!
Having games at different places might be like having a field trip.
Parties and Contests!
We have several Parties and Contests and they give Spiral Tokens!
Not every Party or Contest may give Spiral Tokens!
Check above captoin about Spiral Tokens for more details! 
You are not required to come to meetings but if you want slight rank ups you may join meetings maybe at my house yours or even someone random!
Pvp and Tournaments!
We have multiple Pvp contests and Tournaments!
We have several different spots for Pvp and different things to do! 
Like including Clan Wars, Training and Much More!
If you want more info pm me!
Pvp may give Spiral Tokens and Stuff listed like the games prizes above!
 If you want to be a Pvp Trainer pm me anytime! 
But before coming or attemping to be a Pvp Trainer
You have to Pvp me!
If you can't do that please pm me and tell me so!
Not all Tournaments will be Pvp!
Not all may get you a chance to winning Spiral Tokens!
Not all Tournaments will give you a prize!
Tournaments we have or Tournaments other people feature, we must do together as a clan! ( not requiring it!)
But we may train for Tournaments,we might have one every month or maybe every random week!
You may win Spiral Tokens!
Packs and yes I said packs!
If I ever buy crowns that is!
You'll have alot of fun with the clan on Tournaments!
Friends , Housing and more!
If you are in my clan, yes you may get lots of Friends! 
Maybe even Bestfriends! 
If you do have a Wizard101 acount ( which is optional!)
Add me as soon as you can it is important for being in the clan!
But first pm so you know directions where to meet!
So add up!
You may get used to my house!
I know it gonna be bad!
But my house is the Royal Play House!
But its very well decorated!
Check it out! 
Pm me if you wanna see it!
Ill add you!
Pm for directions on where to meet!
In this house we will be doing most stuff!
Like I said you may get used to it!
If you are a adim here or wish to be one and you do have a Pvp house if we may use it for lots of Pvp Catogories!
I may use your house if said or you can ask if my clan can go on a field trip to your house!
Pets and Hatchings 
We can have Hatchings if you are interested in any of the clans pet
or even mine!
In meetings or etc.
Stuff that I have, you may be asked to put away your pet cause it causes commotion, also mounts!
If you dont pay attention you may lose a rank!
So pay close attention!
You'll enjoy pets and hatchings that we have together!
Even fieldtrips to noncrowded areas to hatch!
You'll enjoy it!
Mounts are very disturbing in a way, like in a crowded area or if we group up!
We may ask you to put your mount away!
But in other things like my game races! 
You are welcome to have mounts!
Your mount can win you Spiral Tokens if you win a race with your mount!
If you dont have a mount its ok you can watch or cordinate the track of who won or who came first, second or last!
Thats all the highlight events!
1.You have to be supportive to your clan leader!
Example if you were to win a race and I see on my computer that you didnt cause we have different times dont be mean to me or even get mad or even argue with other players! 
I will rank you down if you do so!
2. Get along with clan members!
Be together, share and show!
3. Have fun!
Having fun is a great rule, but there are lots of rules of having fun, like the rule above, you have to get along, and the other rule above, be nice to your leader, and not only your leader!
Thats all phew that took so long!
You'll surely enjoy this clan!
If you dont leave that is!
We will have a good year and some bad times, but trust me everything will be ok!
Have fun!

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