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Angel or Demon
Clan Talk/Pages
!!!Welcome to the Clan Page for Angel or Demon!!!

Hello fellow Wizard!!!!! If you are looking for a clan to call home, you are in the right place!!!! Our clan is like no other, we are a clan of two groups. Angels and Demons! These two groups are HUGE rivals, but must work together to keep the balance. 



There are many ranks you can choose from.

When you first join you will become a sprite. This is the first level because you have not yet been chosen which group you will join.

You will be chosen whether you are an Angel or Demon. Here are the ranks for each group.                                                                                                                                                                           

Angel Demon
  • Recruiter
  • Citizen
  • Celebrity
  • Assistant
  • Royalty
  • Recruiter
  • Citizen
  • Celebrity
  • Assistant
  • Royalty


Last but not least is the highest rank............ the Overlord!!!!!!!!!



Both groups wear guardians shirt with the elegant shoes. 

Demon and Angel leaders will decide what wand will be used and what pet will be worn. 

Also both groups must use the black panther mount. If you don't have one you may not use another mount, you will just have to go without one. This is when you get the mount as soon as possible. If you are an Overlord or Royalty you may wear the Jaguar. If you don't have this you may wear the panther. And if you don't have that either the same rules apply to you as the other members.

Warlord and Royalties wear a spellbinder type hood.

Assistant wears the Cardinal's Cap.

Citizen and below wear the elegant hat.

Angels: wear all white.

Demons: wear all black.


How to join?


Joining is fairly easy. Just say "May I join?" and add times of the day when you can meet up with us. 



!!!!!!!!We need your help!!!!!!!!

We will need two clan hangouts. One for the demons. One for the angels.  The winners will skip sprite and recruit and fall into the citizen position. The two will also have the new title of designer. Also the two winners must be ready to design more homes in the future if needed.



Both hangouts need to be at the Royal Playhouse from the Wizard City Housing Store.

Both homes must make a podium area on the actual stage outside for group announcements.

But here is the catch!!!! These homes need to be made is groups. Two people must work together to build the houses. The reason being is that the homes are almost exact mirrors of each other. Dining room in the same place, and ect. The only thing that doesnt have to be the same is the specific requirements I have for each group.


The Angel's hangout must be a winterish theme. The outside ground being covered in snow mounds (using the glitch to merge them) Also the inside must have the following things, a living room (for fellow angels to converse), a meeting room for athority figures to talk, a dining room, and a stage (inside of the home) for the angels to be entertained, and if possible a  bedroom for the members to sleep.


For the Demon's hangout it is similiar. The home must be lava theme, or dragonspyer. If you can you have to get dragonspyer walls and cover the whole outside with it. The reason being is so we don't see as much blue sky like you do already (we need to keep this creepy) Also the same requirements for inside. 


Also I said that the two winners must be ready to build another home if needed. If you would like to get a head start you can go ahead and build on the Royal Estate from Marleybone. You will use the green room as a meeting spot, the enclosed yard as a make shift home. (use the new home elements to BUILD another house in that area. Remember these must be almost an exact mirror of each other.) The home you make will have to have a dormitory, a kitchen (no dining room in this area), and a secret meeting room in which you use glitches to create a secret entrance. The lowest level will be a living room, the mid level will be a bar. This must have a bunch of seating, and a large bar. (This bar must use the glitch to mearge them, because remeember this must look clean!) The top room can be what ever your group of two chooses to do.) And same with the basesment.



Each group consists of two builders. One for the Angels and one for the Demons. And besides the specific requirements for Demons and Angels the homes must be EXACT mirrors of each other.

Sooooooooooooooooooo get building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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