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A Treasure Card Contest

Hi everyone. I'm having a W101 contest with treasure card prizes. The winner can choose his pack of treasure cards. For more info, visit the topic "I'm New and Just Want To Post Somewhere". The contest is for all schools and levels. Add me if you see me in the. I'm Elizabeth Earthgiver lvl 35 Sorcecer

I don't know if this is on purpose, but the contests page keeps talking about site crafting.

Hello. There are a lot of people waiting in Myth Tower, Ivan Realm, and in the only area, Area 1.
According to the contest, the maze has started 5min ago, but neither of the pickups have shown.

Can this maze be postponed tomorrow at an evening time after school for students or work for adults please?
Maze Contest #2

It says to meet in balance tower, I have never seen this before so is this a typo?

riddle winner number sixth
Area 1 is full,

Pleasecome to area 3 because area one is full and i am waiting here
Cannot Get To There

Why the area is unavailable????
Somebody help me :(:(
Maze Party

Hope to see y'all there!
Create a Wizard101 Weapon

I made one but forgot to enter it, there goes 2 hours of my life.
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