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You found the hidden Konami Daily Reagent Giveaway!

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Just posting in here to hide any Scavenger Hunt topics in the Most Active lists

man i just wish i could get free giveaways

I havent been on legends for a month so :P

I always miss this kind of thing :/

BTW, congrats to the winner of the Pick-a-thing/Pick-a-Token Game:
1212Broncos with 3918 pts after 330 picks which included 7 picks of 100!
Nice job :) I checked my picks and only had 1 pick of 100 for the whole year :(

@Legends about those hidden packs, did they expire as well?

could of announced it in advance,but that's just me.

lol I'm always too late to these... oh well... congrats everyone

Got an energy elixir, Thanks!

1,000 Crowns, thanks Legends!
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