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Fiction - Dark Chronicles
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relly good

This is good

That's how you felt after writing the last chapter? Because that's not how I feel now, after reading it. That was very sad... wow... also, I found it strange that Ashley, who pretty much seemed like she was the 2nd main character of the whole series was not even in this book. Man... I hate Valdus... so. much. In the first book it pictured him as at least being wise, and sort of in the middle of being good and evil. Forget that. He is dark and evil, and heartless. I hate him...
Last Edited on: 2013-02-21 at 04:38 pm
Author's note on completing this second installment

Phew! I feel like I can breathe (for a moment). I just finished writing the final chapter, right before writing this post, and it was consuming -- I could not stop. I hope you enjoy this installment as much as the first. It was harder because I had more characters with more personalities to keep track of, and maybe not as humurous as Bruno took a back seat and people like Hinkley did not show up. But, I also hope that this installment had more emotional weight to it and delved into richer development of some of the characters. Obviously, the final chapter was the 'slingshot' chapter that sets into motion the entire third installment, Kane the Conqueror. There, we are gonna see some dark stuff, and a lot more action.

do you think you could include my character in a book? his name Michael Stormbane he wears guardians helmet prestigious armor dragoon's boots and has a short sword for a wand with a pet wolfhound named Shadow
A note from the author

In case you are wondering, this is the sequel to the Mossback Prophecies. Here we see Kane Dragonblood and friends continue their efforts to stop Alura Deathwraith. Unfortunately, a new enemy rises against Kane and his friends.
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