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Fiction - Legends of the Spiral
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You should add more chapters, don't leave it like that to keep us thinking :p.

Lol why does everything bad happen to DAniel? Okay, guys, I'm making a book. I know, sounds normal, right? No! I want to get over five views! I already have two, so it'll be easy to just get three or four more. THank you guys! It's called Ancient Chronicles: Prophecy.

the beginning sounded good that's about as much as i'll read for now

omg awesome!

Nice Story!

I luv it!! O: I wonder what happens next O, O

Very good piece of writing Tarlac! But why does all the bad stuff happen to Daniel? XD

Wow that's a really good story! You got a thumbs up from me.

Love this story! P.S. I'm in it :)

Now this is a story!
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