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October Tournaments Rules

Special Rules:
Round 1: One no stats Halloween themed gear must be used.
Round 2: Two no stats Halloween themed gear must be used.
Round 3: Three no stats Halloween themed gear must be used.
Round 4 and beyond: Four no stats Halloween themed gear must be used.

What qualifies as no stats Halloween themed gear:
-Must be hat, robe, boots, or wand
-Gear must not give any stat boosts
-No stats gear purchased from Spooky Bob
-Any no stats gear dyed black, orange, or black and orange
-Wands are only allowed to give item cards and starting pip(s)
-Wands must also fit the theme colors of black or orange

Other Rules:
-Breaking a rules will result in disqualification.
-All matches will meet up at Pixie realm arena at the highest area.
-All matches will be done in the practice arena. Matches are not permitted to be done in house arenas.
-All matches must be done before the deadline.
-Rematches are not permitted unless permission is granted by the Tournmanent Master.
-Unsportsmanlike behavior (inappropriate language, harassment, rudeness, etc.) will result in disqualification.
-The same character must be used for the whole tournament.
-No gear changes can be made after the match has been created.
-You are required to wait 15 minutes after the scheduled time for your opponent to show.

1st Place: 5000 Crowns and 2000 LoTS tokens
2nd Place: 2 energy elixirs and 1000 LoTS tokens

Last Edited on: 2016-10-10 at 08:25 am
Pixie zones

Heads up guys, If there are multi Pixie zones available then go to the highest number available! This means that if there are 4 zones then go to zone four to meet for your pvp match! This will counter act a lot of trouble with coordination and "no shows"
Last Edited on: 2015-02-24 at 01:46 pm


Can anyone help me get my level 45 life wizard to warlord please?? I am willing to pay some tokens we can discuss a price.

Can anyone help me get my lvl45 life wizard to warlord??

Can anyone help me get my lvl45 life wizard to warlord??

How do i make an tournament?
how to

how to join a tournament
How long does one tournament last?

I want to join a tournament and have been waiting to do so for about two weeks but am unable to. What should I do?
HUNT number eight!!!!!!!

This is what i found on the archivist:
Senior Moon is a moon in the third quarter phase. I also found the lettter P in celestian. hmmmm...... Maybe the senior moon has to do with P..... Never mind that. The archivist said that Pisceans are raiding the area.... x kills pisceans x there we go! Now all i need you to do is say the magic word... That will tell us why we need to know about a senior moon.
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