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Token Issue

Hi everyone, please don't select 175 in don't count on it as you'll have to share them with me

anyone knows when the new "pick a thing" game will start ?
Last Edited on: 2017-01-2 at 10:26 am
pick a thing

so I am usually rather unlucky on this Pick a Token game but I have gotten '15' for 5 picks in a row... Am I having real good luck or did Legends drop up a gift??? Anyone else finding the same good luck?

for some reason it won't let me pick any crate in the reagent recon game today :(
Last Edited on: 2016-12-27 at 02:45 pm

Hourly giveaway claimed at 59 minutes and some weird seconds.....

Last Edited on: 2016-12-4 at 06:54 pm
Don't Push Your Luck Minomer

Can't push my luck if it is all bad. Todays picks:
1, 4, 1
has to be the worst set of 3 I'vs had yet.
Don't Count on It collaboration

Just a reminder for those that have forgotten and an announcement to those that don't know, we have a collaboration going on in the LotS Crafting Clan letting each other know what numbers we pick in the 'Don't Count On It' game and hence which numbers are more likely to award more (i.e. split less). Here is a link to that thread:
Reagent Recon glitch

I know that someone else posted this before, but I can't find that post. Basically there appears a glitch in Reagent Recon that will sometimes double count your final token reward and you only get to play 1x instead of 2x. It doesn't seem to happen often but I have an image today that I believe proves it. I got to level 3 today and won 30 tokens and then was immediately thrown into practice round. My token history shows winning 30 tokens 2x only 3 seconds apart. There is no way I can click and reload the page 3x to make it back to level 3 that quick. I will include the image if and when the server will let me upload it (i've tried jpg, png, and gif)....

I got 300 from "catch a token" today and 100 from "pick-a-thing" yesterday !
it seems this might be a good week :)

Last Edited on: 2016-09-18 at 06:08 am
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