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Party Creation Wizard -
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*PARTY RULES* Must read!

1. Show up - Usually when people make parties, they show up. So when you make a party, please show up, this goes for party pick-ups too. If you cannot make it to your own party, contact a moderator.

2. A stable realm - Please make sure your party is in a realm that will not get crowded or full. For example, Ambrose is NOT a good realm for a party. Parties that will be in a full realm, or pick up in a full realm will be deleted 15 minutes before it starts if the realm isn't changed.

3. Give gifts promised - If you say you will be giving a certain gift for a contest, just for coming to the party, etc. you are expected to give it. If you can't give it, don't put it in the party.

4. Parties that are in a long time from now - If you have a party that is longer than a month away from now, there is no need to create it yet.

5. Highlights - Don't make words white and tell the reader to highlight it. We need all words readable at first view, instead of having to highlight, etc. to see it.

6. Party rants or antiparties - Don't create or join parties that have a main reason of going against something, or protesting. If you see this, please report it to a moderator.

If any of these rules are broken at a party, please contact a staff member right away. Breaking these rules will result in a site warning or other consequences. If you have any questions about these rules, please contact a site staff member

These rules can also be found in the party creation process.

Last Edited on: 2013-04-5 at 04:40 pm


Wanna earn some polymorph treasure cards??
Why don't you try playing-

A new contest made by me for all of you!
Read the rules and instructions on-
Starts on 17th june 2016 at 4:15pm.GMT and ends on the same day at 6:15pm.GMT.
Any questions?
Contact me by sending me a Pm or reply on this page itself!
Waiting for you...
-Boris Frogthisle
,level 16 balance student

Where is sunburn realm?

Where do you go when you need help with glitches?
Last Edited on: 2016-03-22 at 01:34 pm

Last Edited on: 2016-03-13 at 10:10 am

Art & Graphics contest

Who won the LoTS 4th B-Day Art and Graphics contest? sorry about being impatient :D

I don't know about others but i've not had much luck with the parties. So far, I've been in several where the giver never showed up and others where the so called winners were never awarded anything. I can't find anywhere that we can rate the members who say they are giving a party or having a contest and fail to follow through with it. It can be pretty frustrating to enter one and continually play it daily and hourly at times to only find at the end of the week or more time frame it's given in is all for naught and just a waste of time and energy. Is there a place on here that mentions how different party/contest givers are rated so we can take a look BEFORE we get involved? I've even sent unanswered messages and posted messages that were never looked at to find out what happened. K, done with my rant, guess I'll go grab an M&M bag and eat a few.
Not so short story for AirForce1's contest.

I started playing Wiz Feb. 2011 when a game my friends and I played went under. All of use searched until one of us came upon Wiz. Several of us still play. Although we are a VERY mature (age wise :) ) group of ladies, we play HARD and are very competitive. Both my husband and I are disabled vets and after I contracted meningitus in 1999, our whole world changed. I wasn't able to remember things or peoples names....and so on. I began playing online games which seemed to help with my cognitive abilities and my kept on playing. My friends and I meet daily for quests and some of us have max amount of characters to keep us challenged and busy. I'm not the tank in the group, more the healer and support person but I love getting a good shot in now and then. My doctors have noted that although i'm unable to do a lot of things other people do, I am able to do more than what I could do. It's nice when my hubby LIKES me to He calls us the old hens. Don't tell my friends that. :) I joined LOTS about 7 months ago? Don't know why I never looked into it. One of my friends mentioned it, so I checked it out. It has taken me a bit of time to see how things work but I'm having a ball here. I'd like to donate some of the items my characters have won in Wiz, but unsure how to do that yet. The bird you see in my pic is one of my African Greys. Her (she's a boy but don't tell her), name is Tickles..she is forever telling us what to do. What's for supper, time to go nite nite, are you ready? I't's DARK. Comere Mings (Meiling our GSD), She will interrupt anyone's conversation with her own thoughts on the the subject..Ohhhh Okay...Hmmm! I want your have a nice shirt...that's MY shirt. and so on and so on. Another of my parrot companions is Ruby..she's a rescue gal. Barber's her feathers, but is a real love dove. She thinks at time's she's a cockatoo in dire need of gentle scritching and loving. I had several birds at one time.. Macaws, Toos, Zons and others, but when folks didn't think I'd make it out of the Meningitus, they found loving homes for them. I miss them dearly. I was also involved in rescue/ rehab/ rehoming of parrots and was active in traveling to pick them up and take them where they needed to go. A very nice group of people still do that. I digress, so back to here and now. KI has opened up a whole new world for me, gives me something challenging and fun. Although I'm almost 60 now, my heart still jumps like a 10 year old when I go into a dungeon alone. Or even a big one with friends..but it's still a blast. It's also fun to take out one of my noob characters and run them through the gauntlet. Challenging every time. I guess this isn't such a short story after all, but it does have a lot of meaning for me. Now, between hubby, my birdy girls, pup and what ever wildlife I'm rehabbing at the time..or playing with the Dixie Chicks ( some new chicks I have)..I'll be here. Hope to catch you in the game sometime..maybe beat a boss or two. :)
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