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A short post asking help

Can you pls help me? I want to put a profile photo but I don't know how.
A quick post asking help

Hi everyone. I'm a bit new here in LOTS and I would like some help if possible. Could you please tell me how to save cards on CardMaker? Also, will they be spells that I can use in the game or is it just a hobby? And last, how can I post the cards I make? Please help. I'm stuck...
Can't Enter the Sweepstakes.

It's been a couple of months since I last visited this site so I apologize if this question was already asked but basically I am unable to enter the Sweepstakes for this month. I click on the Enter Sweepstakes button but nothing happens and it just loads the same page again. I've tried this on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to no avail. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. And before you ask no no ad or anything of the sort appears for me.
Any suggestions?

I have a one month membership card and have lvl 38 players in storm, death, life, ice, balance which school i can lvl up fast and some tips to reach max lvl...
Need help

Does anyone know how to bus the family membership Because I am confused. Its on the membership page But how do you procceed to buy IT?

Maybe we could add some info about crafting and keys and the market in the FAQ since those questions keep getting asked here?

How do i get those keys so i can unlock items?

I saw a treasure card, one, that was 20000 tokens, is that price acceptable?

Hi i am quite new here and have tried the FAQ with no response after quite a few tries so hopefully this gets attention. anyways. i was wondering if it would be worth investing in the site crafting station because i am trying to save coins for stuff from the market and i am wondering if specific crafted things sell for coins or not. i guess pm me or respond here if you want lol. thanks.
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