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The website days are based on the Pacific Timezone.


Birthday Movie Madness
Time to use your video-making skills to win prizes!

Create a Wizard101 video using the theme: Legends of the Spiral 3rd Birthday

The video must be less than 5 minutes!

You must include the phrase "Happy 3rd Birthday Legends of the Spiral!" in your video in order for it to be qualified. YOU MAY NOT RE-ENTER A VIDEO ENTERED INTO A PREVIOUS CONTEST.

The video doesn't have to be a music video, however having some sort of sound track is a definite plus. In any case, make this video fun, festive, original, and CREATIVE! It could be a video that tells a story or a simple fun music video. You decide. Remember, you must record the video in Wizard101. A really good screen recorder to use would be Hypercam.

After you have finished making your video, upload it to Youtube or any video hosting site (we prefer Youtube) and email the link to the video to: with the header of: Happy 3rd Birthday Legends of the Spiral! PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR LOTS USERNAME IN THE EMAIL IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SENT YOUR ENTRY WITHOUT A USERNAME PLEASE SEND ANOTHER EMAIL TO US CONTAINING YOUR USERNAME!

Good luck!

Start Date: July 2nd, 2014
End Date: July 26th, 2014

1st Prize:Item that is 15,000 tokens or less from Token Store + 2,000 Tokens
2nd Prize:2,000 Tokens
3rd Prize:1,000 Tokens
4th Prize:500 Spiral Tokens (Honorable Mention)

Check our Facebook and Twitter pages for extra contests at random time throughout the month!

Start Date: July 1st, 2014
End Date: July 31st, 2014

1st Prize:Random Prizes

Birthday Month
It's our Birthday Month and we have a bunch of fun contests and prizes for you! Scroll down and enter our fun contests so you can win tokens and even win instant prizes! We will be adding even MORE contests through out the month so keep checking back on this page!

Start Date: July 1st, 2014
End Date: July 31st, 2014

1st Prize:Magic!

Mosaic Search
Click the banner to play Mosaic Search!

Each guess will cost you 10 tokens, guess as many times as you want, but remember that you will have to try and keep track of where you have looked yourself.

The prizes are in random positions and they do not move, so if you have looked under an image and its empty it will always be empty, so make sure to try and keep track of where you have guessed. If you select a prize that somebody else has already claimed, it will inform you that it was already found.

Good luck finding them, it's not going to be easy!

Start Date: July 1st, 2014
End Date: July 31st, 2014

1st Prize:Click the image to see the prizes and play!

Check our party page for the fun parties we're hosting to celebrate this birthday month!

Start Date: July 1st, 2014
End Date: July 31st, 2014

1st Prize:Magic!

Member Hosted Contests
Check out the
Member Hosted Parties / Contests for more ways to earn prizes.
*These contests are hosted by individual site members, there is no guarantee that prizes/promises made in these contest descriptions are true or accurate. Receipt of prizes promised in a contest is between you and the contest creator.*
Ignore the End Date Below, I have it set there so this listing will be sorted near the top.

Start Date: March 1st, 2014
End Date: December 30th, 2014

Spiral Tokens
Every day you can play a variety of games from the Games page to earn Spiral Tokens. Currently the ways that you can earn Tokens from are:
  1. The Hourly Giveaway (every hour a potential winner is selected at random from anybody that has visited the site in the last 24 hours). If you are here when your name is there, you can click on it to get your prize.
  2. Catch the token
  3. Pick-a-Token
  4. Don't Count on It
  5. Don't Push Your Luck
  6. Site Riddles
  7. Check out the other contests on this page, sometimes you can get Tokens as prizes for those.
Check back on this listing for more ways to win in the future. Save up to buy great prizes in the Token Store:

Start Date: March 1st, 2014
End Date: December 31st, 2014

Anything Legends can do, I can do Better
Have you ever seen a banner/icon/logo image on Legends of the Spiral and thought, "Ugh! I can do better than that!"

Well now is your chance to show your brilliant creativity. Choose any image on the site and create your own variation of it or go with a completely new design. If we decide to use your new image over what is currently there you will be rewarded with Spiral Tokens depending on the complexity of the image (anywhere from 50-500, possibly more for exceptional work).

You can choose to re-make any image you want, including the LOTS Banner at the top of the page (if you choose that one, it better be spectacular). Any new images must follow these guidelines:
  1. You may, if you choose, send an image to replace a text banner, etc that is currently not an image.
  2. If the old image has a transparent background, the new image must also have one.
  3. The New image must be the same ratio as the old (for example if the original is 50x50 px, the new must be 50x50 px, 75x75 px, 100x100px, etc)
  4. The new image must be at least the same dimentions as the original. If the original image is 100x200 px, you can't go any smaller
  5. I would recommend not puting a signature on your image itself unless you can do it very inconspicuously, as this can make it hard for me to use on the site
If your looking for images to help you as you create your images, you can find a log of good stuff in the Wizard101 Fansite Kit at:

  1. You can enter as many time as you want as this is an ongoing contest, however each individual entry must be in its own email.
  2. Email Must include the following information:
    • Your LOTS Username! (without it I don't know who to give the tokens to)
    • A short description about where the current image is on the site
    • the attached image file with your new replacement image
  3. Emailed entries must be sent to with the Subject Line "LOTS Image Contest" (*if the subject does not match the above, there is a chance your email will not be seen)
This contest will be on-going so you can submit your entries at any time, no need to wait for a specific judging date. You will be notified if we decide to use your image, however if we do not decide to use it, you may or may not receive a response.

Start Date: March 1st, 2014
End Date: December 31st, 2014

1st Prize:If your image is picked you will receive Spiral Tokens in an amount depending on the complexity of it.

Create a Custom Wizard101 Card using the CardMaker (there is a short tutorial at the top of the "Talk about it" section on the CardMaker Page). Or you can check out the "How to Use the CardMaker" guide created by theCOOLguy.

The theme of this contest is "Power of Celestia!".

This does NOT mean that you have to title your card the name of the theme, just base your card on it. Let's say you were a Celestian boss or king of some sort and you had your own special card. What would it be? What type of magic would you use? What sort of creature of charm would you cast forward?

Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, and realism to the game (appropriate amount of pips, damage, fizzle chance, etc.)! (Click the "?" next to the description box on the CardMaker to learn how to put icons on your card)

You will find the "Enter Card in Contest" button under the save button.

* Make sure to save/render your card before you submit it!. And rememer if you save/render you card after it has been submitted its most recent look is what we will see when judging.

Entries will be judged by Legends of the Spiral Staff, our favorites will receive the prizes.

Start Date: July 2nd, 2014
End Date: July 12th, 2014

1st Prize:1500 Spiral Tokens
2nd Prize:1000 Spiral Tokens
3rd Prize:750 Spiral Tokens
4th Prize:300 Spiral Tokens (Runner Up Prizes)

Talk About It Challenge!
Click the banner to be directed to the contest!

Start Date: July 1st, 2014
End Date: July 12th, 2014

1st Prize:1,000 Spiral Tokens
2nd Prize:1,000 Spiral Tokens

Party with the Villains!
It's the Legends of the Spiral birthday month and the villains of Wizard101 have decided to take a break and party with us! In fact, they have decided to host it! How would this turn out? Which Wizard101 villains would be there partying with us wizards? Where would the villains of Wizard101 host this birthday party? What type of decorations? Cake? Balloons? Or a secret plot behind all of this... Draw and/or create a graphic of how this party would be! Be creative, use color and put your skills to the test!

You may enter both contests, so the maximum amount of pictures you are allowed to have in your album is 2, and you may not enter the arts or graphics twice.
When you are finished making your pictures, upload them to an album using our Community Picture Albums If you are doing the drawing portion of this contest, please try to take a good picture of your drawing/ scan it (best choice). There is a great app called Cam Scanner that you can use where you can take a picture of your drawing and it will do a "scan" for you so it has better quality and looks more professional. The prizes are listed below! We are judging these entries based on creativity and your talents along with how good your Wizard101 references in your pictures are as well as relativity to the game. Show us what you got!
Your album MUST contain either 1 or 2 images, if it has more than that it will not even show up to be judged. Submit your album using the using the "Enter Album in Contest" button found in the manage section of your album tools.

*Remember that each Picture must be your own work, if any images in your album are found to belong to somebody else you will be disqualified.
Good luck!

Start Date: July 2nd, 2014
End Date: July 19th, 2014

1st Prize:Item that is 10,000 tokens or less from Token Store + 2,000 Tokens!
2nd Prize:1,500 Tokens
3rd Prize:1,000 Tokens
4th Prize:500 Spiral Tokens (Honorable Mention)

Birthday Screenshot Contest!
It's our birthday month and we have fun contests for you with great prizes!

Take a picture of you and your friends (if you can, we'd really prefer it) in a birthday-decorated house! Dress up in your party costume and take a screenshot while saying:

"Have Another Happy Birthday Legends of the Spiral". If you have menu chat, feel free to just cheer.

We will be judging these screenshots based on how birthday festive it is. The top 3 winners of the screenshots will each win 1,000 spiral tokens!

Send your entry to ALONG WITH YOUR Legends of the Spiral USERNAME.

with the header: 3rd Birthday Screenshot Contest! Good luck!

Start Date: July 2nd, 2014
End Date: July 19th, 2014

1st Prize:Tokens!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Start Date: July 2nd, 2014
End Date: July 19th, 2014

1st Prize:Tokens!

Fruit Cake Frenzy Tournament
Info will be changed for this month! Stay tuned!
There are July Tournament rounds posted on the Fruit Cake Frenzy Game Page. You can join any round you want, but you may only participate in ONE round (unless you move on to the winner round). Once a round is closer than 3 hours to its start you will be unable to leave that round, so make sure you sign up for a time when you can make it.
The Top 2 from each round will be moved on to the Winner Round and receive 250 Spiral Tokens.
If you are not familiar with the Game, please read the How to Sign up and Play Fruit Cake Frenzy! Guide in the Guides Section.
The Winners Round will take place at 11:00 AM Pacific on the 22nd of July. Here the winner from the previous rounds will battle for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes listed below.
Each round will last 1 hour.

Start Date: July 2nd, 2014
End Date: July 26th, 2014

1st Prize:Free Token Shop Item + 1,000 Spiral Tokens
2nd Prize:2,000 Spiral Tokens
3rd Prize:1,000 Spiral Tokens
4th Prize:250 Spiral Tokens (For the Top 2 of each Round)

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Hourly Giveaway!
Happy Birthday!
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