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Site Crafting

You can Collect Site Reagents Every Day by Playing the following Games.
You can use these reagents at your Site Crafting Table to make other reagents, craft site prizes, and even in-game codes.

Start Date: January 1st, 2015
End Date: December 31st, 2017

Create a Wizard101 Weapon!
Create a Wizard101 Weapon! How creative can you get? Draw a Wizard101 Weapon that you wish your character could have. (A new weapon that has never been discovered in Wizard101 before!) Be creative! You can also add a little description about it (Where to find it? Theme? Damage?) when you send your entry to “Momentai” by PM. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A DRAWING CONTEST NOT GRAPHIC!
  • Rules
    • Must be your own work.
    • You can not use an entry from a previous contest.
    • You must include your LOTS username and the date in your entry (HAND WRITTEN). Any entries without a username and date written in their image will not be qualified to win.
    • Only one entry per person.
    • Your image must be uploaded to your LOTS albums, not an outside source
    • PRIZE RULE FOR 1st Place #1: You may not alter your prize. This means you will get a weapon from the crown shop, you CAN NOT change it to packs or anything else for the same price!
    • PRIZE RULE FOR 1st Place #2: Please remember a "Scepter of Tribute" is an acceptable prize for 1st place C:

    When you are finished making your pictures, upload them to an album using our
    Community Picture Albums Please try to take a good picture of your drawing/ scan it (best choice). There is a great app called Cam Scanner that you can use where you can take a picture of your drawing and it will do a "scan" for you so it has better quality and looks more professional. The prizes are listed below! We are judging these entries based on creativity and your talents along with how good your Wizard101 references in your pictures are as well as relativity to the game. Show us what you got!
    Please send your image’s URL to “Momentai” using LOTS’ PM system. To get the URL: LOTS’ Album-> Manage Your Albums-> Click the Album’s Name that it is in -> Locate the Image-> Under “URL (For Guides and Parties)” copy that link and paste it to your PM’s Message Box.

    *Remember that each Picture must be your own work, if the image in your album are found to belong to somebody else you will be disqualified.
    Good luck!

    Start Date: May 16th, 2016
    End Date: June 1st, 2016

    1st Prize:1 Wizard101 Weapon from the Crown Shop (YOUR CHOICE!) + 1 Hoard Pack of Choice + 1 Energy Elixir
    2nd Prize:3 Hoard Pack of Choice
    3rd Prize:1 Energy Elixir and 1 Hoard Pack of Choice

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    Hourly Giveaway!
    Happy Birthday!
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