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Maze Master Finalists Announced!

The following people will get to "try-out" for the position of Maze Master by creating a maze following the guidelines listed below.

Good luck to you all:

Michael Walker

1. Maze must be completed by 6/6/16. Please PM me when your maze is completed.

2. You may create the maze in any of your wizard's homes, BUT keep it confined to only one of them (do not continue to another castle) and NO dorms.

**Remember the maze should be very challenging, but not literally impossible.

Last Edited on: 2016-05-23 at 11:54 am
LOTS Comeback

Hello Wizards! I know it's been a while since we hosted contests and parties. Because of school and work, all LOTS' Staffs have been busy. But now is the time to come back and celebrate! In the coming weeks, you should start to see contests and events held in the "Contest" and "Parties" page.

As of right now we have 2 Hide and Seeks happening on May 18th (Check the "Parties" page for more information) and Create a Wizard101 Weapon Contest which you can find more information about in the "Contest" page. I know that this isn't much yet, but we're all trying our best to get this site back on track to host many contests and hopefully a party. So start checking back as we will continue to provide you with more contests to come!

I got plenty of contest ideas and events on my mind. Hopefully I can find the time to make it on the site! If you have any contest ideas or suggestions please post about it in the "Talk About It!" page of this post.

Last Edited on: 2016-05-16 at 06:46 pm
Monday Chat

There has recently been a lot of layoffs over at kingsisle. What are your reactions to that? What do you think this means for the future of ki games?

I want to wish the best to the employees who have been laid off and their families.
Tournament Winners!

We finally now have the tournament winners after a while! Unfortunately we didn't have enough players for the master, transcended, archmage, and promethean tournaments so we had to cancel those.

I hope you had fun with the tournaments! Anyways here are the winners~

1st Place: Tanner Pants
2nd Place: crystal1234040

1st Place: waleed17173
2nd Place: Sharleyan

1st Place: Jjraz7
2nd Place: aboyousef

1st Place: Tanner Pants
2nd Place: amjad1980

1st Place: GStar11GSimon
2nd Place: weirdolexi101

1st Place: JohnTHEWizard
2nd Place: Blazing Alex

1st Place: Kevinio101
2nd Place: GStar11GSimon

1st Place- 5000 crowns and 1000 tokens
2nd Place- 1 Energy Elixir and 1000 tokens

Last Edited on: 2016-05-11 at 04:40 pm
Monday morning chat

Fill in the blanks. (Keep it Wizard101 related and site appropriate).

Professor ________ is leaving Ravenwood to start a new career as a(n) ________!
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