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Scavenger Hunt Winner

Congratulations ARC1972 on being the first to correctly name all of the locations in the scavenger hunt. PM me for your "Snappy Lobster Mount" code.

Thank you to all who entered, I know it was a tough one.
Chef Ramsay Meme Contest Winners!

First off, I would like to thank everyone that participated in this contest! I was fascinated with all the creative entries! It was very hard to judge, but here are the 3 winners I've picked...

First Place: NikkiThunder (Snappy Lobster Mount and Galvanic Hammer)

My thoughts: Overall, very creative and creepy at the same time o.o" Would have never thought of it! Good use of the picture!!

Second Place: batset (Empty Frame Reagent and 500 Official Spiral Tokens)

My thoughts: Laughing hard for this one. Good idea!

Third Place: KermitTheFrog (Pile of Sand Reagent and 250 Official Spiral Tokens)

My thoughts: Being a storm, I can connect with this all thanks to darkmoor lol...

All prizes have been sent! Enjoy!

You can view the rest of the entries by clicking here.
May 25, 2015

Thank You Veterans and those still serving.
A little break.

Oh, No! Legends is going to talk about irl stuff again (it happends once or twice a year, I can't help myself)

So I mentioned in a post that I have been away from the site a few days. I decided to use my long weekend to put up a zip-line for the kids. A few people have asked to see the finished product, so here it is.

Random Game Code in the Token Store

So you may notice a new code in the Token Store. As a big of spring cleaning to get ready for summer, I have pulled together about 52 codes ranging everywhere from Pets to Bundles including but not limited to: Monarch Butterfly, Wolf Hound, Arcus Cloud Mount, 1K Crowns, 2.5K Crowns, 5K Crowns, 10K Crowns, Evergreen Bundle.

This random code available for 4995 tokens along with 2 keys to unlock it (but if you unlock it you can buy multiple random codes) Or as you can see its also a craft-able item using the site crafting table with no need for keys at all...You just have to discover the recipe. But buy or craft, once the 52 codes are gone, they are gone and it will no longer be craft-able.

Remember, you are most likely to get a pet, house, or 1K crowns as there are more of these than anything else.


Last Edited on: 2015-05-21 at 01:05 pm
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