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Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone. For those that celebrate this holiday, I hope you all enjoy the time with family and friends, or whatever traditions you might have.

As I will be spending this day with my family, I will probably not be working on judging contests until Monday.

As for the April Weekly Drawing #3, congratulations to kevinghosteys. I will be contacting you via PM to set up a time to gift you your prize.

April Weekly Drawing #4 has started, and another lucky person will win a Crown Shop Item of Choice.

Thanks All, see you around the Spiral!
Token Store - Crowns + Other Info

Okay since I got about 20 PM's asking the same question I figured it warranted a post here:

The questions: "What happened to the 3000 crown codes in the Token Shop" and "When are there going to be more".

The answer to number 1 is easy, there is a limited number of these codes that I am given, you will see a "# Left" at the bottom of each type of code, once that is gone it means we are out of that particular code.

The answer to #2. I do have a few more of the 3000 crown codes that I was keeping for contests, etc, so I will be putting some more out for next month (as May is one of the months that we will not be receiving any new codes from KI). After that set is gone they will be gone until KI decides to be generous and give us more to restock, I unfortunately don't have any way to conjure crown codes from thin air, so I have to wait until KI decides to send me more.
Pagoda / Winterbane Gauntlet
These codes are JUST the housing item dungeon. If I get codes for bundles and put them into the Token Store they will be clearly labeled as "BUNDLE".
Badges in the Token Store can be purchased (some have misunderstood that the badge somehow gave tokens). They are in the store because they are for sale. Some badges require you to unlock it before it is available for purchase.

**However if it is found that you cheated to get the badge (spam posting to get your post count up for example) your badge will be removed and you will NOT receive a refund.**

Once you have purchased a badge it will be available in your [Manage Badges] section (this can be accessed through your Profile Page).

If you purchase the "Custom Badge" I will work with you via PM to design your badge, or you are welcome to design it yourself as long as it is appropriate and has the dimensions: 132 x 31 px.
Feedback Time
I cannot guarantee that there will always be a huge amount of in-game codes in the Token Store as I can only put out there what we are given. If you could please take a moment to think about other things you might like to be able to spend tokens on during those times when in-game items are in short supply. Perhaps you have ideas for other badges, maybe the ability to unlock another site game that is only available after purchasing access from the Token Store. There are a lot of possibilities, what kinds of non-code rewards do you think you would like to see in the Token Store? Use the "Talk About It", and let me know.

Thanks All!

Last Edited on: 2014-04-17 at 09:40 am
A little change to the Drawing Prize

I talked earlier about giving away a mount from the crown shop, and people seemed to like the idea of a random giveaway. I decided to take that a little further since not every will want a mount.

There have been a lot of new things added to the Crown Shop this last month. So I thought I would change the prizes for the last 2 Random Drawings (found at the top of the homepage) for this month.

Instead of 500 Tokens the new prize is a "Crown Shop Item of Your Choice" (if you pick something cheap like a hoard pack, I will probably be willing to gift you several).

If you win we will set up a time to meet in game where I will gift you your prize. (If you really want the 500 Tokens instead, then let me know after you win and we can do that instead, but I thought you might like the crown shop item better).

Best of luck to you all!

Last Edited on: 2014-04-16 at 04:32 pm
In memory of Lady Stormrider

Some of you may have known Lady Stormrider from back when she and her husband (Lord Stormrider) used to frequent Wizard101Central. They were both always willing to give someone help with whatever they needed.

Many of you may have spent yesterday trying to get the Stormrider Hare as a special drop from one of the holiday bosses around the spiral. What you may not have knows is that this mount was named in honor of this great lady who passed away back in February of 2012.

Here is that post from Feb 11, 2012:

I remember trying to find the right words to say when Lord Stormrider posted the following about her passing on Central.

"Lady Stormrider was in a slight jam today and after fighting a good fight, used her last reshuffle TC and changed realms on us. Seems the bad guys were getting the best of her in this one and she saw it coming. Pulled her last Reshuffle TC and cast it this morning. If you remember her, please do so with a smile. She would have wanted it that way as that's what she had for everyone she met." ~Lord Stormrider

Wizard101Central is holding an "Everybody Wins Raffle" in memory of this great community member. You can find the details at:

Last Edited on: 2014-04-15 at 12:32 am
The Prismatic and Caerbannog Mounts are here!

From the Wizard101 website:
"You can find these two brand new adorable hares bopping around the Spiral! Check out the Prismatic Hare and Caerbannog Rabbit permanent mounts in the Crown Shop today, because they're available for a limited time only."

* A third mount is dropped by holiday bosses such as Lord Nightshade, Krokopatra, and Jade Oni (tweeted by Kelsey Fireheart from

**The Boss MUST be level appropriate for a chance to get the mount, read more about this in the "Talk about It".

Also if your thinking about buying crowns or membership, Wizard101 is currently running the following deal:

"For a limited time only, save 25% OFF all the items in your Wizard101 cart purchase!"
And of course after you have a few crowns you should always check out what Eggbert has for this season (You can find Eggbert in the Shopping District by the water fountain, and he has tons of fun stuff!)

Last Edited on: 2014-04-14 at 01:11 pm
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