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Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope you all enjoy your day! Its a new month, and Wizard101's birthday month as well! I am looking forward to see what they give away in the rest of the weekly giveaways.

This month we are doing something a little different for our contests. This month its "All about the Screenshots" We are going to have a new screenshot contest each week, such as: caption contest(s), reverse captions contest(s), etc. I will be creating the contest listings over the next few days, so please be patient.

The fist contest will be finding an appropriate background for the month of September. It could be wizard101 birthday themed, it could be Back to School themed, or it could be "All about the Screenshots". So start thinking about that and I will be putting more details about how to submit your screenshots later.

I believe I owe you all a Sweepstakes Winner from August! The winner of the random drawing is: fire2804.

I am starting the next drawing now. Good luck all!
Happy Birthday Wizard101

From the wizard101 website:

"To celebrate our birthday, we're giving everyone a Birthday Gala Gazebo! Redeem this cool housing item today for your Wizard101 birthday party."

Also...Catch the birthday mystery fish!

There's a rare new fish in town creeping in the waters of the Spiral. It's only here during the Wizard101 birthday celebration month... can you catch it?

Last Edited on: 2014-08-29 at 09:03 pm

KI is holding their first ever Bundle-a-Palooza, and now through September 7th, you can save 25% or 50% off all the online bundles for purchase.

Bundles at 50% OFF:
  • Mega
  • Majestic
  • Dino
  • Pagoda Gauntlet
  • Prehistoric
Bundles at 25% OFF:
  • Epic
  • Hive
  • Olympian
  • Super
  • Hawk Rider
Read more about it at:
But you know what bundles you can't find at a discount? Well I don't see the Arcane Builder's Bundle, the Atlantean Bundle, or the Spiral Cup I am thinking, what a wonderful time to give ONE of these away!

Just use the "Talk About It" at the top of this post and make up a funny short story (1-4 paragraphs) about why you think you should get a bundle. Keep your posts "G" rated, they still need to conform to all site rules.

**Please only enter once, if you have already entered a second please pick your favorite and remove any others (edit it to "MODS PLEASE DELETE" then report it)

After Bundle-a-Palooza ends I and the rest of the staff will pick the ONE post we like the most which will receive one of the 3 bundles I mentioned above. Good luck all!

Last Edited on: 2014-08-30 at 08:54 am
LOTS Fishing Contest Results

GRAND PRIZE (30,000 Crowns)
"Ice" - "55.7" - "stormy12"
1st PRIZE (1,000 Tokens)
"Fire" - "52.4" - "catrx"
"Myth" - "51.5" - "duds86"
"Balance" - "51.3" - "TheGrandMaster"
"Ice" - "48.5" - "coolgianluca11"
"Storm" - "47.3" - "MichaelSW"
"Death" - "46.7" - "WizardBoy24654"
"Life" - "41.6" - "ryan1205f"
2nd PRIZE (500 Tokens)
"Myth" - "51.4" - "slyfox101"
"Fire" - "49.8" - "crayz209"
"Balance" - "48.9" - "mandolin"
"Ice" - "48.0" - "DestinyRain"
"Storm" - "47" - "duds86"
"Death" - "46.3" - "Peverell"
"Life" - "41.1" - "MandaRox159"
"Life" - "41.1" - "greatmyth"

Scavenger Hunt Winners!

I want to thank everyone for participating in the scavenger hunt! I know it wasn't easy! I am excited to announce the winners at this time!

First place and winner of the arcane bundle: Ma1kavian! Congrats you are the only person who got all 10 correct!

Second place and winner of 5 mega snack packs: Fireball44! Great job!

Third place and winner of ice tapestry, crystal caves tapestry and 100 spiral tokens: Artur Angleflame! Great job!

PM me and I will give you your prize codes!

The scavenger hunt answers:1. Flag on the ship to the Krokosphinx
2. Curtains on fireglobe theater
3. Base of unicorn statue in Unicorn Way
4. Wings of Apollo's chariot leading to Aquila
5. Carvings inside of Bartleby
6. Rope to Crab Alley
7. Mouth on statue in the Altar of Kings
8. Window of the death school
9. Fountain in the Shopping District
10. Foot of gobbler on roof on Colossus Boulevard

I know it was challenging! I want to thank EVERYONE who participated. I hope you all had fun with this scavenger hunt!

I'd love to hear your feedback in the talk about it. What did you like about it, what could make it better?

Last Edited on: 2014-08-24 at 07:46 pm
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