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Christmas in July!

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LotS 4th Birthday Party

Thanks to everyone that attended yesterday, and Congrats to the prize winners. Unfortunately I got pulled into some high priority meetings at work....real life is always getting in the way of the fun stuff :)

So it's time to load a few more codes into the Token Store, so look for that to happen sometime tomorrow.

Thanks All!
LotS 4th Birthday Party Winners!

The winner for the Attending raffle is...
Prize: Fog Staff, 500 Official Spiral Tokens, and a Pile of Sand Reagent

The winner for the Talk About it contest is...

Prize:$10 W101 Prepaid Card (5k Crowns or 1 month sub)

The winner for the Birthday Screenshot contest is...

Prize: Azteca Builder's Bundle

The winners for the I Spy contest are...

Prize: 5000 crowns

Prize: 5000 Official Spiral Tokens

Congrats to all! Thank you everyone for attending the party! I will be sending the prizes soon!

Last Edited on: 2015-07-22 at 07:58 am
PvP Tournament Winners

Well, now that we've finished our tournaments, I guess it's time to announce the winners.

The winners are:

Initiate/Journeyman- “I Stole Clothes From Ghosts” 1v1
1st Place: Jjraz7
2nd Place: Yellow!

Adept- “School Wars” 1v1
1st Place: Mr. CoolGuy
2nd Place: kyle sunshade

Magus- "Free for All" 1v1
1st Place: MeggyMegs
2nd Place: DarkDrake

Master- "Hit 'n' Heal" 1v1
1st Place: Aster Phoenix
2nd Place: AirForce1

Grandmaster- "You're too OP! NERF!!!" 1v1
1st Place: DarkDrake
2nd Place: Wolf Hunter

Legendary- “Classics” 1v1
1st Place: DarkDrake
2nd Place: MeggyMegs

Transcendent- “Throwback Transday” 1v1
1st Place: Technomage
2nd Place: DarkDrake

Archmage- “Critical Land!!” 1v1
1st Place: Chris ShadowHeart
2nd Place: Sierra Moondust

Promethean- “Bazaar Gear Only” 1v1
1st Place: no noobs
2nd Place: Jjraz7

Exalted- “#YOLO” 1v1
1st Place: Kevinio101
2nd Place: MasonSky

The prizes are:
First Place: 1000 Crowns and 1000 Tokens
Second Place: 1000 Tokens

You should all get your prizes very soon. I hope you enjoyed the PvP tournaments!

Last Edited on: 2015-07-18 at 11:50 am
Birthday Requested

Prizes Currently Left (at the time of writing):
6 - Token Store Keys
1 - 2.5K Crown
1 - 5K Crowns
2 - Permanent Shark Mounts
1 - 50 Tokens

I have several people PM me while I was on vacation about doing a Birthday Mosaic. So I thought...hey why not, some people enjoy it. Remember each guess will cost you 10 Tokens, and there is only a 2% chance of finding something...but I guess that probably goes up as long as you don't keep picking the same places, somebody that likes probabilities will most likely give me the exact info at some point.

There are 90 Prizes loaded here including: (30 - Token Store Keys, 40 - 50 Token Prize, and 20 other prizes of random crown amounts, permanent shark mounts, and one Azteca Builders Bundle.)

So anyway, if people want to waste a few tokens and try to get one of those prizes or one of those limited quantity Token Store Keys, have at it (Limit 1 key per player, so if you find one, it will not let you get another, and if by some glitch it does, I will kick my computer, and then come take it back from you...I know... how mean I am)

The Contest will start at midnight tonight Pacific Time and go until either all the prizes are picked or we hit the end of the month.

And I have warned everyone before that the Mosaic is not fair, it charges you if you pick the same tile twice, it charges you if you pick a prize that somebody already picked, basically, if you click on it, it will cost you 10 Tokens, and somebody with tokens to throw around might get several prizes....just the way this contest works.

So enjoy....or not....your choice :)

Last Edited on: 2015-07-18 at 09:47 am
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