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Current Fishing Contest Status

Balance - 51.3 Krokotopian Eel (Emperors Retreat)

Death - 44.1 Cuddlefish (Cyclops Lane)

Fire - 52.4 Sun Ray (Grizzleheim) *As many speculated the 58.6 Sun Ray was indeed a fake. Hopefully that member will behave better next year when they are allowed back on the site, seriously people not cool.

Ice - 55.7 Blackberry Jellyfish (Mooshu)

Life - 41.1 Todd Pole *the previous largest life fish was removed by the submitter (possibly because they found out the their entry would be verified, but perhaps they just decided to drop out of the contest for other reasons)

Myth - 51.5 Tongue Fish (Grizzleheim)

Storm - 48.9 Grape Jellyfish (Mooshu)

Last Edited on: 2014-08-20 at 08:00 pm
PvP Winners

Congratulations to all the PvP Winners! Some of you look like your pretty good with wizards of all levels. Myself....I lose a lot :)

So congratulations to the following, your prizes have been sent, you will find Tokens transferred and prizes available at the top of your token store:

Levels 10-19
1st: EvilBunni>:3
2nd: ~Vanessa~

Levels 20-29
1st: TheGrandMaster
2nd: geekboyswag

Levels 30-39
1st: Jjraz7
2nd: ~Vanessa~

Levels 40-49
1st: ~Vanessa~
2nd: harogame

Levels 50-59
1st: ~Vanessa~
2nd: ona1000

Levels 60-69
1st: MasonSky
2nd: bobjoe567

Levels 70-79
1st: ChrisSH
2nd: ultimate27

Levels 80-89
1st: Jjraz7
2nd: babysitter

Levels 90-99
1st: ona1000
2nd: ~Vanessa~

Level 100
1st: ona1000
2nd: The Thaumaturge

*Note for those who won multiple times, I only sent one of each teleport tapestry as I was not sure you wanted several of each one. If you are one of those who took 1st or 2nd place on multiple tournaments and you would like additional teleport tapestries please let me know.

Coming soon...If your one of those duelists that can stand all the restrictive rules then the next tournament is going to be a blast for you. It the No-Rules Tournament, use any gear or pet you like to help you win!

Last Edited on: 2014-08-18 at 10:57 pm
PvP - the Duels continue

We have started the next round of duels today for the tournaments that have not completed yet.

So for the participants that are still competing, try and get your duels scheduled for as soon as possible and we will try to keep things progressing.

A few of the tournaments have completed already, congrats to:

1st Place: ~Vanessa~ and 2nd Place: ona1000 (Level 50-59 Tournament)

1st Place: MasonSky and 2nd Place: bobjoe567 (Level 60-69 Tournament)

1st Place: Jjraz7 and 2nd Place: babysitter (Level 80-89 Tournament)

1st Place: ona1000 and 2nd Place: The Thaumaturge (Level 100 Tournament)

I will be sending out all PvP prizes once all the tournaments are complete. Thanks All, and good luck to the duelists still competing.
Shark Week!

Wizard101 is celebrating Shark Week! And of course they are giving out free stuff.

**free mystery item with a chance to win a Swift Shark Permanent mount. Giveaway ends August 17th, 2014 at 11:59pm US Central Time, so get your free item today!**

And don't forget the that during shark week, you have a chance at catching a rare fish! Be on the lookout for the Warhammerhead Shark as you fish throughout the Spiral, who knows, if its bigger than the rest of those little fishes out there, it might just win you the fishing contest as well.

Read more at:

And if you missed the House-a-Palooza gift, you can still get it by using the button below.

Last Edited on: 2014-08-12 at 06:09 pm
Current Fishing Contest - Leading Fish

Okay, so many have asked for an update on the biggest fish caught for each school so far for the LOTS Fishing Contest.

I have not yet given any of these screenshots the extreme scrutiny that will go into the final checking of the winning fish, but here are what the leaders look like at first glance:

Balance - 48.9 Krokotopian Eel (Emperors Retreat)

Death - 38.6 Cuddlefish (Cyclops Lane)

Fire - 50.9 Sun Ray (Grizzleheim - Helgrind Warren)

Ice - 48.0 Blackberry Jellyfish (Mooshu)

Life - 56.2 TreantFish (Unicorn Way) * will definitely need to get verification from KI on this one as currently the wiki states the max size for the treant fish is 34.8, but who knows they have been wrong before.

Myth - 50.8 Tongue Fish (Grizzleheim)

Storm - 48.9 Grape Jellyfish (Mooshu)

Like I said I have not gone through and done any in-depth checking of the screenshots yet, but they all visually look legit.

Use the list above to gauge how large your fish should be for any future screenshots you submit for this contest.

Thanks All, and Happy Fishing!

Last Edited on: 2014-08-10 at 10:57 am
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