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Art and Graphics Contest

UPDATE I need to make an apology. During judging last night one of the graphic entries was mistakenly dropped from our list during the last round of judging. This caused the graphic created by J.MoonWhisper was overlooked when assigning placement. Because of this I am adding another 3rd place prize for the Graphics contest. Please scroll down to take a look at this image as well.

Graphics 1st Place - Cheerios

Graphics 2nd Place - Cody

Graphics 3rd Place - J.MoonWhisper

Graphics 3rd Place - GamerGirl

Art 1st Place - Amaze

Art 2nd Place - AmberFiresword

Art 3rd Place - harogame

Last Edited on: 2014-07-21 at 10:29 am
CardMaker Contest Winners

Thank you all for your participation in this contest. In all we had 253 entries.

Many of the card images as well as the card titles were the same or similar, so intimately it came down to the descriptions on the cards. I guess many people are using the same google image results to make their cards, lol

1st Place - Fubaka_Kun (Prize: 1500 Tokens)

2nd Place - MasonSky (Prize: 1000 Tokens)

3rd Place - Shadowblade (Prize: 750 Tokens)

Honorable Mention - Kinsola (Prize: 300 Tokens)
Fruit Cake Frenzy Round Winners


[andrewmk11] [avatarkorra] [Darby_Da_Duck] [Devin] [duds86] [esmee] [EvilBunni>:3] [fireball44] [goop011] [guardiandragon] [Ma1kavian] [magikmad] [maxos] [MikoColon] [misybabydoll1] [Mr. CoolGuy] [NightSong89] [PerceusJackson1] [Pixiedust] [Soulhaven] [stormy12] [teblakuda404] [TgMoomsey] [The Theurgist] [TheGrandMaster] [tiny222] [w101chelsea] [xxelixx]

You have taken first and second places in your various rounds. You should all have received 250 Tokens and been added to the winner round that will take place next week.

Congrats all, look forward to seeing how it goes next week. Keep an eye on Ma1kavian, he said he was trying a new strategy...
LOTS Birthday Bash

Thank you Jundark11 for hosting our birthday bash this month. I am sorry I was unable to make it, got stuck at work until very late. I will have to think of some other fun party that I can host later this month to make up for it.

Here are a few of my favorite highlight images from the party thread (sorry I can't post all of them)

jesseninetyfour finds the crystals and wins a 2000 crown shop item. And many other people learned how to put images in their posts :)

Everyone lines up for a photo but some people hide behind the hippo. Mx4026 says, "I can't post screen shots, but I loved being a part of the picture, even if there was a hippo blocking me. :)"

Everyone Lines up for....well....not sure what they lined up for...but I am sure it was really fun :)

tresurekidfox wins the crazy contest...really that's a compliment...right?

Thanks all who made it, again sorry I didn't get there in time.
Decorate A Balloon Contest Winners!

All entries were amazing. It was really hard to judge, but I finally decided on the winners! Thank you to everyone who joined and decorated a balloon for LOTS. Here are the winners:

Grand Prize Winner (Wizard101 Prepaid Card): wizardkitten

1st Place Winner (1,500 Official Contest Tokens + Ice School Tapestry): evo90

2nd Place Winner (1,000 Official Contest Tokens): Glaceon Master

3rd Place Winner (500 Official Contest Tokens): Esmee

Runner Ups (100 Official Contest Tokens):
Brandon Story

That’s right everyone who entered won something  Thanks again to everyone who entered and I really enjoyed looking at the entries.
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